Limpopo Tourist Attractions – Magoebaskloof

Magoebaskloof, one of the top Limpopo travel and tourist attractions is located at the northeastern edge of the Drakensburg mountains. This spectacular mountain area is overlaid by a greenbelt of subtropical forest. It’s also called “The Land of the Silver Mist” because of the soft magical mist that envelops its space. Right at the heart of Magoebaskloof is the beautiful village of Haenertsburg . It’s loaded with galleries, restaurants and craft stands. Magoebaskloof offers an unforgettable experience for adventure enthusiasts on its waterfalls, dams and hiking trails.

Mountain Biking

Magoebaskloof hosts a variety of mountain biking races each year. Each November, it hosts the Magoebaskloof Mountain Bike Classic featuring events of 20, 40 and 70 km. The race passes through spectacular indigenous forest with steeper and more challenging paths for experienced riders. Shorter trails can be taken for the general public and kids some of it is the Ebenezer Dam or Stanford Lake trail. It’s 5.3 km long and It’s on fairly even road but it will still give you a good workout while you take in the spectacular scenery. Likewise, the Cheerio and Sequoia trail is an easier route. It takes you 5 km uphill through the Sequoia and Cheerio Gardens which are themselves a scenic delight, offering a view of pine and avocado plantations.

Trail Runs

Magoebaskloof also hosts two great trail run events, the Iron Crown Trail run and the Wolkberg Stage Trail run, held in June and August respectively. These are tough events for experienced runners. However there are shorter less taxing but satisfying trails. You get to exercise your body, while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Gecko Tubing

Another exhilarating activity at Magoebaskloof is gecko tubing. The trip starts way down in the gorge. You climb into gecko tubes and are carried through quiet blue waters to white water rapids with exceptional views. The trip starts slowly, enabling you to admire all the scenery before you, as you wind your way down the river. After a bit, the gecko accelerates and you find yourself being hurtled over and down waterfalls and rapids. Basically, the trip takes you 30 meters down a flat rock into the spectacular gorge and deposits you in the river, allowing you to swim and relax below the waterfall.


Magoebaskloof’s mountain structure make it ideal for hiking. There are hiking options that last between 2 and 5 days. The 3-day option takes you through 50 km of vast pine plantations and indigenous forest and past mountain pools, streams and waterfalls. Through it all, you take in the magnificent scenery and glimpse different forest creatures.

There are other shorter but satisfying options for families and kids. For example, the Louis Changuion trail. The starting point is Haenertsburg Village. From there you wind your way through majestic indigenous forest and grassland and you get a stunning panoramic view of the village and its diverse nature reserve. There are spots where you can take the occasional rest. The end point is back at Haenertsburg Village. The Lesedi Trail takes 2 hours and is for those wanting a moderate but more challenging experience. It starts near the Magoebaskloof Hotel and winds you through the rich authentic Magoebaskloof mountain forest. On your way up, you can stand under one of the waterfalls and allow the fresh spring water to cascade over you.

Canopy Tours

The Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours overlook the majestic Groot Letaba River and its River Gorge, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in South Africa. You’re suspended on a canopy several meters from the ground but you are safely and comfortably harnessed to it, and can happily glide along at incremental speed past spectacular indigenous forests, waterfalls and rivers. Your tour guide will point out interesting bird, plant and animal life on the way.

Zwakala Brewery

In the heart of the Magoebaskloof Mountains is the aptly named Zwakala or ‘come closer’ brewery. They invite visitors to have an intimate connection with their beers and their production. They use natural ingredients, including the Letaba River’s clean mountain water. You can order your beer, then sit at the glass windows and eat and drink, while looking upon the impressive Wolkberg Mountains, or watching the river as it makes its way through the countryside.

Bird Walks

Magoebaskloof Forest reverberates with the sound of birds, so it’s a great place for birding. Book a two-hour birding tour with expert bird guides at Kurisa Moyo Nature Lodge. You’ll spot some great bird species while getting interesting bits of information on the local area. You could catch a glimpse of Samango monkeys going up and down the trees, or of elusive birds such as Cape parrot and Narina trogan

Wegraakbosch Organic Cheese Dairy Farm

 This cheese farm is located in Haenertsburg and is well worth a visit. Take a tour of the farm and watch while they use traditional methods to make the cheese and ensure that it’s flavorful. Afterwards, you can stock up on the farm’s organic dairy products such as cottage, feta and ricotta cheese. Then have a bite to eat at the farm, in full view of the surrounding swathe of gorgeous mountains and vegetation.

Blueberry Heights Farm

Another Magoebaskloof attraction is Blueberry Heights Farm, a golden kiwi and organic blueberry farm. The orchards are situated just outside Haenertsburg, on Goedehoop Farm. Blueberries are among the healthiest fruits. They benefit, the eyesight, brain, and nerves, and they help fight cancer. Food-wise, they enhance a variety of foods including meats, salads and baked goods. The blueberries are grown according to strict organic rules. This means no industrial fertilizer is used. You can pick your own blueberries between December and February. And during that time, you’ll have a chance to sample their delicious cuisine served up by their Blueberry Café. There are a variety of other activities you can pursue at Magoebaskloof, including fishing. You could also visit the Cheerio Farm to witness cherry blossoms and azaleas in full bloom.