Political Opinion

Oppression by Colour politics – by Rassool Jibraeel Snyman

When people lose faith in a government they should rebel against it and remove it

For far too long has this government and it’s blind supporters bowed to it.

The libration rhetoric runs thin as people die from the ravages of curruption and the people vote for them time after time though the betray the people and the Republic.

What makes an African bow to power one asks and get oppressed time after time and is reduced to an unthinking beast of burden controlled by one oppressor or another wearing a mask that looks like him. Are Africans driven by colour politics to the point that is someone shares the same pigmentation as you he can rape you wife or economy and you defend it under the rubric of black power.

We are a very strange people who abandon principle and power and surrender it to any scoundrel that wears the same colour skin as you!

This is the kind of logic that is illogical and permeates the mind of the African and leads to exploitation and murder.

Governance without love for the people is exploitation by another and any sane people who suffer and die through corrupt vultures who look like them should be careful because they create monsters in their image

Africans have yet to arise to become who they were in the past and not become the plaything of everyone and his dog who chooses to oppress him and lead him to slavery

Colour politics has failed us and we must learn to think above colour and look at merit or we condemn ourselves to death or a fearful life covered by love not justice for the people.

This approach of only using colour to determine our state of being is the stupidest thing that we embrace as our own.

Maybe one day we will awaken to the tragedy of choosing colour over moral governance which will stifle us as a people instead of being hypnotized and mesmerized by colour politics.

Stupidity should have an end or limit or we are doomed to servitude and slavery.

Rassool Jibraeel Snyman
“Anti Treason Movement”